Specification and features of Nintendo 3ds consoles

Nintendo 3DS is a handheld gaming console. This version has great features than the previous version. The usage of Nintendo 3ds console is a real point in the handheld gaming.

Here are listed with certain features of Nintendo 3DS consoles –

  • Complete 3D support – It has three internal cameras with which you can easily see 3d graphics without the aid of 3D glasses. This is one of the additional features and also provides fun to all the games.

  • 2GB memory card slot – The Nintendo 3DS gaming console use standard 2GB memory card slot. It is large enough and sufficient for any gamer to store all their games and still they will be left with larger space.

  • Larger screen – Nintendo 3DS consoles have larger screens than the regular 3DS screen. Larger screens allow for higher quality graphics and obviously the 3D effect is also possible.

  • Attractive and amazing graphics – Graphics are available best on all the handheld devices. In fact, they are even better than Wii. This is just not only a project for families and for children, but it is also a rich feature for the real gamers.

  • Wireless multi-play. One can easily connect to the LAN server or else you can also use a wireless network connection as well. It is very huge and provides opportunities for multi-players on Nintendo 3DS consoles. One can also swap the data with other 3DS users while playing the game.

Nintendo 3DS console is the most advanced handheld device and also a real “game changer”. The Nintendo 3DS is up to the advertising. The Nintendo 3DS gaming console comprise of complete 3D, which has been never seen in a handheld gaming device.
It is quite unique and also has addictive as well as attractive features which will make you play the game again and again.

It is widely sold on a large scale and unable to pre-order this device in a number of local gaming stores as people are going crazy about Nintendo 3DS gaming consoles. The unique feature like 3D functionality and other such features make the games much attractive than before.

The Nintendo 3DS games are ideal gift for children and even for moms as well. It is just not an updated version of DS, instead it is a brand new system and caters to all including hardcore gamers who wish to have action, graphics as well as real challenge in the game.