Sony Playstation VR Will Be Released in October and Other News

E3 is one the biggest game console events because companies can flex their muscles and reveal what is in store for their respective products.

Currently, the Playstation 4 is sitting prettily on top of every game console on the market. Also, we’ve already known that the Playstation 4.5 will be released sometime soon, so fans are giddy for that as well.

But, the scope of the article is not about the Playstation 4.5, but rather, their upcoming Playstation VR headset.

Prior the E3 2016 event, Sony has announced that the Playstation VR will be released sometime in October, but during the E3 event, they’ve finally announced a specific release date for the product.

The Playstation VR headset will be released on October 13, 2016. Aside from the announcement of the release date, Sony also said that there will be VR-ready titles that will be released throughout the year.

In fact, the company said that there are already 50 game titles that are slated to be released later in the year to make full use of the upcoming VR headset.

Now that we know the actual release date of the Playstation VR, let’s talk about the games that will be released this year.

I am not going to talk about all of the 50 games since some of the games are not yet disclosed, but I will talk about the games that will surely make you want to get a Playstation VR headset.

One of the most highly-anticipated games to be released to make use of the PS4’s VR capability is the Resident Evil 7. Just imagine playing a horror game in virtual reality. Not only will you get great visuals but you will also be playing the game in an immersive environment.

Although, I do want to caution that playing horror games in a virtual reality environment can be dangerous. If you have health issues, please consult a doctor first before playing any horror game.

Another major game title that will be released this year is Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham VR. The game was introduced at the E3 2016 event and although we didn’t see any in-game footage, it is really promising indeed.

The Batman: Arkham Knight game drew some flak because of its PC port but the game console ports work flawlessly.

Imagine this: you will be the caped crusader, Batman, and your job is to defeat bad guys like Joker, Bane, Two-face, all while playing in a virtual reality environment.

That idea alone makes me want to pre-order my very own Playstation VR headset. The game will be released in October 2016, probably the same time when the VR headset will be released.

Other games that might have a VR port will be the upcoming Final Fantasy XV and Star Wars: Battlefront.

Virtual Reality gaming is slowly becoming mainstream and I am excited with this new innovation coming to the fore.

The E3 2016 is still on-going so we will wait and see if there are new updates from any of the major gaming companies in the event.

Specification and features of Nintendo 3ds consoles

Nintendo 3DS is a handheld gaming console. This version has great features than the previous version. The usage of Nintendo 3ds console is a real point in the handheld gaming.

Here are listed with certain features of Nintendo 3DS consoles –

  • Complete 3D support – It has three internal cameras with which you can easily see 3d graphics without the aid of 3D glasses. This is one of the additional features and also provides fun to all the games.

  • 2GB memory card slot – The Nintendo 3DS gaming console use standard 2GB memory card slot. It is large enough and sufficient for any gamer to store all their games and still they will be left with larger space.

  • Larger screen – Nintendo 3DS consoles have larger screens than the regular 3DS screen. Larger screens allow for higher quality graphics and obviously the 3D effect is also possible.

  • Attractive and amazing graphics – Graphics are available best on all the handheld devices. In fact, they are even better than Wii. This is just not only a project for families and for children, but it is also a rich feature for the real gamers.

  • Wireless multi-play. One can easily connect to the LAN server or else you can also use a wireless network connection as well. It is very huge and provides opportunities for multi-players on Nintendo 3DS consoles. One can also swap the data with other 3DS users while playing the game.

Nintendo 3DS console is the most advanced handheld device and also a real “game changer”. The Nintendo 3DS is up to the advertising. The Nintendo 3DS gaming console comprise of complete 3D, which has been never seen in a handheld gaming device.
It is quite unique and also has addictive as well as attractive features which will make you play the game again and again.

It is widely sold on a large scale and unable to pre-order this device in a number of local gaming stores as people are going crazy about Nintendo 3DS gaming consoles. The unique feature like 3D functionality and other such features make the games much attractive than before.

The Nintendo 3DS games are ideal gift for children and even for moms as well. It is just not an updated version of DS, instead it is a brand new system and caters to all including hardcore gamers who wish to have action, graphics as well as real challenge in the game.

hCG Diet Premium Food Pack

When you’re on the hCG diet, it can be time-consuming to scour for delicious recipes that are allowed on the hCG diet.

If you’re in phase 2 or phase 3 of the diet, you’re going to be subjecting yourself to eating foods that are low in calories, and also, low in flavor.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many hCG diet recipes out there that make use of seasonings and flavorings, particularly Stevia. Now, is it really possible to use these things when you’re on the hCG diet?

Well yes, granted that you buy from an hCG diet approved store. Today, we are going to talk about the hCG Diet Premium Food Pack. This food pack contains all of the flavor enhancements that you need in order for you to create not only healthy foods but also delicious dishes as well.

Eating while on phase 2 or phase 3 of the hCG diet will never be dull and boring again thanks to this hCG Diet Premium Food Pack.

So, what are included in this hCG Diet Premium Food Pack? Well, there are many things that are included, and it entirely depends on what you want.

You will be given 2 dressings, 2 grissinis (or bread sticks), 4 flavors of Stevia, and 2 spice blends.

For the first dressing, you can opt for the following: Citrus and Ginger, Sweet Mustard, or Organic Vinaigrette. For the second dressing, you can choose between Sweet Vinaigrette and Tangy Mustard.

Grissinis are often the best choice if you want to go snacking on the hCG diet. It is guilt-free as it only contains a few calories but it is packed with flavor and nutrition. For the first grissini, you can opt for either the Multigrain or the Gluten-free grissini.

For the second choice of Grissini, you can choose either the Natural (or unflavored) Grissini, or you can go to the tried and true Garlic Grissini.

Now, many hCG diet recipes call for the use of Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener and flavoring agent that comes from a plant called Stevia Rebaudiana. This organic sweetener is highly favored due to the fact that it doesn’t contain any calories at all. Plus, it can be flavored with every conceivable flavor in the planet.

You can choose a total of 4 flavors of Stevia in this hCG Diet Premium Food Pack. For the first choice, you can choose between the Berry, Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon Drop, and Peppermint Mocha.

For the second Stevia, you can either have Apricot Nectar, Cola, or Hazelnut. For the third Stevia, you can choose from either Peppermint or Double Chocolate. And for your final Stevia, you can choose English Toffee, Grape, or Vanilla Crème.

And lastly, you can choose two from any of these spices: Lemon Herb, Sweet and Hot, Sea Salt, BBQ, Steak, and Safe (otherwise known as the conventional Salt and Pepper).

The beauty of this hCG Diet Premium Food Pack is that you have the freedom to choose which seasonings and Stevia you want. Best of all, these options are safe to use in your entire hCG Diet journey.

This hCG Diet Premium Food Pack costs only $88 and it should last you for 2 weeks.

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G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 RAM

G.Skill is a reputable manufacturer and they were first known to produce quality RAM sticks through the years. In fact, a lot of people use G.Skill’s last iteration of the DDR3 memory slot used in Z97 motherboards.

Since technology is ever evolving, there are new motherboards and processors out there that require a new RAM module. I am referring to the new Skylake line of processors that require DDR4 Ram modules.

So today, we are going to take a look at the G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 RAM. The G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 RAM is another DDR4 RAM created by G.Skill, the other one being the Ripjaws V which is more stylish but only offers a limited frequency.

The G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 RAM has an impressive 3200 overclocked frequency right out the box. This means that it has a speedier performance compared to other DDR4 RAM sticks out on the market today.

In fact, G.Skill claims that they were the first ones to overclock the DDR4 RAM modules, and I believe them. Like previously mentioned, G.Skill is a reputable RAM modules manufacturer that has created tons of RAM sticks that are not only durable but also performs exceptionally well.

The G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 lineup offers RAM modules of speeds of up to 4000 MHz, but the one we’re going to talk about is the 3200 MHz only. Why? Because most Z170 motherboards out there only support up to 3200. So, I believe that it would be ideal for the mass majority if we take a look at this card.

The G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 RAM only comes with a black and red color scheme. The heatspreaders are red in color, and the actual body of the RAM stick is painted in black on one side and gray on the other side.

These RAM sticks fit any black and red color scheme rigs though other colors do not fit well with this RAM stick.

As far as performance go, you need to go to the UEFI Bios of your motherboard and enable the XMP profile. After that, you can now use the full 3200 MHz speed as advertised.

There are numerous benchmarks that showcase the power of the G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 RAM. All of them gave the RAM module an impressive rating for its speedy performance and its aesthetics.

The G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 RAM is built for enthusiasts and gamers alike, so if you’re looking to build a new Skylake PC build anytime soon, I suggest you consider buying the Trident Z.

If you buy a more expensive z170 motherboard, I also advise you to buy the 4000 MHz version of this RAM module. But, if you have the budget z170 motherboards, just stick with the 3200 MHz speed.

With impressive looks and awesome performance right out of the box, the G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 RAM is a perfect RAM module for your next gaming PC. The G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 RAM retails at $140.

How To Do More With your Nintendo DS

Are you ready to get more out of your Nintendo DS? With the R4 3DS cards like the r4 3ds r4i you can get more out of your Nintendo that you ever thought possible. You can easily play, run backups, homebrew and easily install firmware that is custom.

Without the R4 3DS Cards you can play game on your Nintendo DS but with the cards you can easily turn your console into so much more.

What Else Can You Do with the r4 3ds,r4i?

The R4 3DS cards, r4 3ds,r4i can turn your console into a complete system that will be a complete multimedia system. You can use the R4 3DS cards to watch movies and listen to music right on your Nintendo DS.

What if you could surf the internet with your Nintendo DS wouldn’t that make life so much easier? Of course it would that is exactly what the R4 3DS cards specifically the r4 3ds,r4i can do for your Nintendo DS. It can make the time you spend on your Nintendo DS a much more exciting time.

Expand Your Horizons

Adding on to your Nintendo DS can make your Nintendo DS a complete entertainment center. It will cut down on the number of devices you need to use to enjoy your down time. The R4 3 DS cards makes your Nintendo DS a more complete system.

Homebrew your own games. Easily run the backups that you need to save all your homebrews. Install custom firmware and really get the most out of your Nintendo DS. It is a worthwhile investment to get what you want to really increase the way you use your Nintendo DS.

Your Nintendo DS is not living up to all of its potential. You can get so much more out of your system by adding an R4 3DS card.

Inexpensive Option

One of the best reasons to get one of these great cards is because it is a relatively inexpensive upgrade. The cost savings that you realize from expanding the use of your Nintendo DS comes from using your Nintendo DS as your all in one device. You can do things that you never thought you could do with your Nintendo DS that will easily replace a ton of other devices. The r4 3ds,r4i card can change the way you use your Nintendo DS. It is a great option to get the most out of your Nintendo DS.


Stay on track with the HCG Diet

Losing weight is not a mean feat, at least for many people battling weight issues. It takes a great deal of effort and willpower to shed off some extra pounds. Fortunately, HCG diet can help you lose weight without breaking into a sweat or better yet, crippling your wallet. Pundits claim that the diet can help burn extra fat around your buttocks, hips and stomach area. However, it’s quite difficult to maintain the diet over an extended period hence the need for handy tips to help you stay on track.

The primary aim of the diet is to help instigate weight loss through two main aspects which involve supplementing HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone as aptly referred to in medical parlance, and restricting yourself to a daily intake of healthful calories of between 500 and 800. It might seem easy a diet to religiously follow, but it is daunting and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be – if you employ the use of these handy HCG diet tips.

#1: Keep meals at hand – Restricting yourself from taking calories is perhaps the most daunting thing followers of this diet have to endure because it’s tempting to take them particularly when you are famished. To help beat the temptations, keep meals at hand allowed on the diet. This way you won’t find a reason to snack at foods that might increase your caloric levels whenever the temptations kick in. Hunger-based food decisions can make your
HCG diet efforts futile.

#2: Take lots of water – If you want to avoid getting tempted or famished to a point of snacking on restricted foods, drink lots of water. Water controls that dire need to eat; it controls hunger pangs in turn flushes out toxins and help stimulate digestion in the body. It is not the sweetest of drinks, water that is, but you must take it when temptations to opt out of the diet kick in. To make drinking water much enjoyable, flavor it with lemon juice. It does surely work.

#3: Use seasonings – It’s obvious that a handful of HCG dieters have at one time contemplated of breaking the series of plain and monotonous meals with sweet tasting foods. However, this only ruins their efforts of losing weight. To remedy the situation, HCG dieters can employ the use of some seasonings and natural flavorings instead for the diet’s plan restricted calorie meals, such as lemon, spices and other allowed seasonings.

#4: Plan your meals – To stay within the recommended foods and caloric intake, you need to plan carefully all your meals beforehand. Although it’s difficult to restrict yourself from eating more than you should, planning way ahead of time keeps you focused and less likely to eat foods that are not recommended or those not in your diet plan.

Additional tips to help keep you stay on stay on track include, changing your eating habits and cheating on your diet wisely. If you precisely follow these tips and stick to your HCG injections, you will certainly slim down to an enviable body shape and size.

IS 2014 the year of the Nintendo comeback?

A lot had been going wrong for Nintendo in 2012 and the fortunes were threatened further in 2013. But 2014 saw the erstwhile juggernaut regain its strength. Did 2014 go down as the year of Nintendo’s turnaround? The fans and the stakeholders would certainly want to believe that. However, as it turns out, even Metacritic agrees.

Recently, Nintendo posted a net income of more than five hundred dollars. The new Nintendo 3DS handheld console has been generating positive reviews and the Wii U platform is also doing well. Little can be going wrong for the company right now and at such a time, Metacritic puts Nintendo right at the top of games publishers.

According to the results released by Metacritic, Nintendo has topped the 5th Annual Game Publisher Rankings. In the 4thAnnual Game Publisher Rankings, Nintendo ended up at the fourth spot. For 2014, Nintendo has the distinct achievement of having the most titles released and the best reviewed titles as well.

According to the report, the best Nintendo game is Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Bravely Default is the most regarded on the Nintendo 3DS system. Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 have also received generous endorsements by fans and critics alike.

From the official report published by Metacritic, Nintendo has 34 unique titles released in 2014 and it has an average Metascore of 76.5. The Best Overall Release is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with a score of 91, the Best New Original Title is Bravely Default (3DS) with a score of 85 and the Worst Overall Release is Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder (3DS) with a score of 49. The favorites of Metacritic users were Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 as well as Mario Kart 8.

The second spot on the Annual Game Publisher Rankings was grabbed by Ubisoft which marks no change in its ranking from the preceding year. Ubisoft had 54 releases but only 21 unique titles among them. Electronic Arts found the third spot, again no change in its ranking, with 29 products of which 14 were unique titles. Sony ranked fourth, an upgrade from its fifth position last year. Square Enix found the fifth spot. Take Two Interactive that surprisingly found the first spot last year has not managed to put up a fight. It is not even in the top eight of the 5th Annual Game Publisher Rankings.